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Lixer A-Class - Anodized Aluminum with Independent ISO Certification (AC101-ISO)

Lixer Tools

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The Lixer A-Class is made of hard black anodized aluminum. This Lixer A-Class includes Independent ISO Certification and a custom fit padded storage box. Accuracy +/-.03mm / +/-.001".

Reference 10cm and 6" tape measure marks against the milled edges in the scale bed of the Lixer A-Class. The end hook adjustment slot is used to adjust /calibrate tape measures. Verify both the push and pull measurements of the tape measure.

The Lixer A-Class has Laser etched tool marking for permanent identification and serial numbers.

  • Accuracy +/-.03mm / +/-.001"
  • Includes Independent ISO Certification valid for 1 year.
  • Certification performed by an independent lab that is ISO certified
  • ISO lab default certification, not A2LA Accredited certification
  • Designed for CMM certification process

  • Initial order comes with padded Shipping / Storage box.  This box should be saved to use when sending the tool(s) back for recertification.
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