Lixer Tools LLC Warranty Information

Our products are warranted against "defects" for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Lixer tools will inspect returned tools and be the sole judge of accuracy and defects. If your tool is found to be defective, we will repair, or replace your tool (free of charge) with a similarly priced tool. It will be our sole decision to determine proper course of remedy. Due to the limited availability of some exotic woods, at our discretion, we will replace defective Lixer's or Super Lixer's with a currently stocked wood species.

Lixer Tools LLC expressly limits this Warranty to repair or replacement of our product only. We assume no liability for uses beyond our control. This Warranty does not cover water damage or abuse.

During our initial research in producing Lixers, test groups indicated interest in several modifications to our original design.  We have implemented some design changes, which will make the Lixer both stronger and more accurate.

We have researched and tested this tool in our shop for 20 years. Some of the interesting facts that I might point out would be that a high quality new tape measure from Stanley, Starrett, Craftsman, Lufkin, etc. may not be perfectly accurate. Their manufacturing standards target a range of accuracy that might be +/- 1/32". Some of the more generic types of tape measures have a hard time keeping their tolerance within 1/16". As we compared various brands of tape measures and steel adhesive backed rules for our saw fences etc. we found unacceptable differences between many of the above listed.  This is why we recommend taking a Lixer with you when you purchase a new tape measure.  With the help of a Lixer, we are able to identify problems, make adjustments, and adhere to a reasonable shop standard.

To specifically address concerns, which have been brought to our attention, I will reference information from The Engineering ToolBox Coefficients of Linear Expansion and make note of specific linear temperature expansion coefficients of the following:

  • ABS Glass fiber reinforced 17
  • Aluminum 12.3
  • Titanium 4.8
  • Wood, oak parallel to grain 2.7

Wood has a very acceptable factor of stability for this application.

We have also done a 8 hour submersion test on wood. We found the linear expansion to be minimal. To do this test, we started with a 5" long block of maple at less than 6% moisture content. We soaked the block of maple in water for 8 hours. We trimmed approximately 1/4" off of each end and measured the length of our test piece of wood at 4.493". Our moisture test indicated excess of 20% moisture. That is as far as our scale would read. We periodically tested for moisture and allowed the piece of wood to air dry. When the moisture level reached 6% again, the length measured at 4.492". For us, this was very acceptable.

Our focus in producing this tool is addressing the issue of accuracy. We have felt from the beginning, that this is the most important factor. Without this tool being accurate, it really isn't worth anything. We offer, as part of our NIST Traceability, to verify specifically and indicate errors within the +/-.002 range which we guarantee. We individually inspect every Lixer. Under magnification, we compare each laser engraved alignment mark to a precision ground standard which is traceable to NIST.

We feel that in most applications a Lixer will narrow your range of accuracy from "who knows what" to +/- .002. In order for any measuring to be meaningful, you must know what your required range of accuracy is. In some cases, a tape measure simply can't conform to the accuracy requirements.

Verifying 6" Standard

Verifying 10 cm Standard in mm (10cm =100mm)

Verifying laser line for 6" push measurement

Close up of verification of 6" laser line for push measurement

Lixer Tools Privacy Policy

Lixer Tools, LLC will keep our customer’s private information such as email address and any monetary related information private. We do discuss who we sell Lixers to, but will not do so in any advertising media without consent. We will send new product information to email addresses we have unless requested not to do so. Lixer Tools, LLC will not provide our customer’s information to any third party mailing lists, email lists, etc.