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Lixer H Gage Block (GH101-ISO) Hardened Stainless Steel with Independent ISO Certification (one tool)

Lixer Tools

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The Lixer H Gage Block is made of Heat Treated 17/4PH Stainless Steel. The Lixer H Gage Block comes with NIST Traceable Certification and a custom fit padded storage box.

Reference 10cm and 6" tape measure marks against the milled edges in the scale bed of the Lixer Gage Block. The end hook adjustment slot is used to adjust /calibrate tape measures. Verify both the push and pull measurements of the tape measure.

Reference surfaces are also used for caliper and micrometer calibration.

The Lixer H Gage Block has Laser etched tool marking for permanent identification and serial numbers.

  • Accuracy for Tape Measure Calibration, +/-.0005
  • Accuracy for Calipers and Micrometers +/-.0005
  • Includes Independent ISO Certification valid for 2 years
  • Certificate shows deviation from 10cm and 6" for the push and pull measurements of the tape measure and shows actual values for caliper and micrometer comparisons.
  • Designed for CMM certification process.
  • Weight 2lb 3oz

  • Initial order comes with padded Shipping / Storage box.  This box should be saved to use when sending the tool(s) back for recertification.
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