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5M/16ft Milwaukee Magnetic Tape Measure 48-22-7216 Class II with architectural scale (MIL-7216)

Lixer Tools

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5m/16ft Milwaukee Class II Tape Measure comes with Certificate of Traceability to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

These tape measures have been carefully selected and verified for end hook accuracy at the 10cm and 6" calibration lines. 

Information from back of packaging:

up to 9 ft of blade standout

Magnet - holds EMT and steel studs

Blueprint scale - Calculates a 20mm, 50mm, 1/4" and 1/8" drawing

Wire form belt clip- reduces pocket tearing

2-sided Prinitng- Increases measurement readability

Tape Certification and Test Standards
ASME B89.1.7 Accuracy
ASTM B117 Corrosion Resistance
ASTM B968 Abrasion Resistance
ASTM D3359 Tape Adhesion

Engineered by Milwaukee Tool

Professionally made in China

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