NIST Traceable Tape Measures & Tape Measure Calibration Tools

  • Designed to check the accuracy of tape measures, both metric and standard
  • Calibration lines at 10 cm and 6 inches
  • Verify both push and pull measurements of the tape measure
  • Implement as part of your ISO 9001 Certification Program
  • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Traceability Included
  • Calibration Tools designed to straighten bent end hooks
  • Super Lixer also verifies accuracy of levels
  • Gage Block can be used to verify accuracy of tape measures, calipers and micrometers
  • Tape Measures and Squares with Certificate of Traceability also available

Certificate of Traceablity to NIST included with all tools.


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The "Lixer" provides a NIST traceable standard to calibrate or verify the accuracy of tape measures. The NIST Certificate, which is included, indicates +/- errors within .002 inches on the SG Lixer, the Super Lixer, the Pass/Fail Lixer and the RP Lixer.

The Lixer Tape Measure Calibration Tool has calibration lines for both standard and metric. Calibration lines are lasered on the SG Lixer, the Super Lixer, the Pass/Fail Lixer and the RP Lixer at 10 cm and 6 inches.

The Lixer A-Class is an aluminum version of the Lixer Tape Measure Calibration Tool. It has edges milled in the scale bed which provide the reference point for the 10 cm or 6 inch marks of the tape measure. The NIST Certificate for the Lixer A-Class indicates +/- errors within .0005 inches.

The Lixer Gage Block is a stainless steel version of the Lixer Tape Measure Calibration Tool. It has the same features for tape measures calibration as the A-Class, but with additional information listed on the NIST Certificate for verifying accuracy of calipers and micrometers. The Lixer Gage Block Certificate indicates +/- errors within .0005 inches for tape measures and actual numbers (ROV) for caliper and micrometer verification surfaces.

A Lixer is . . .

A Lixer is the only tool designed to check the accuracy of new and used tape measures and straighten bent end hooks. It will check the accuracy of both the push and the pull functions of the tape measure. It will work with most tape measures, both English or Metric. Some tape measures have lost accuracy due to bent end hooks, commonly caused by accidentally being dropped. The end slot of the Lixer is designed to straighten these damaged end hooks.

We make the Lixer out of wood because it has a low thermal expansion rate compared to other materials.

This is an important tool for all trades that require accuracy in measuring with a tape measure. This is especially important if several tape measures are being used by different craftsmen or at different locations. This will also benefit subcontractors collaborating on the same project. All the tape measures in such an operation need to measure the same. This would certainly be the objective of ISO certification.

Likewise, we found that by calibrating all the tape measures and equipment to one source (NIST), we could keep the shop running more accurately, and help avoid costly measuring errors.

In the process of running our custom cabinet business, we discovered that even new tape measures are not always accurate. Sometimes this is due to a burr left on the inside of the tape measure hook during the manufacturing process. We have also noticed a slightly random placement of the end hook. Some manufactures tend to place the end hook more accurately. For these reasons we suggest using a Lixer when purchasing a tape measure, and would suggest a quality manufacturer as well.

Using a Lixer for ISO applications. . .

ISO 9001:2008 7.6 Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment says:

Where necessary to ensure valid results, measuring equipment shall:

  1. be calibrated or verified, or both, at specified intervals, or prior to use, against measurement standards traceable to international or national measurement standards; where no such standards exist, the basis used for calibration or verification shall be recorded (see 4.2.4);
  2. be adjusted or re-adjusted as necessary;
  3. have identification in order to determine its calibration status;

Pages 4-5 at

A Lixer will help meet these ISO requirements by:

  1. The Lixer with NIST certification gives you traceability to national standards to verify the accuracy of both the push and pull measurements of your tape measure.
  2. The Lixer allows you calibrate the accuracy of the tape measure by adjusting the end hook, or helping identify other issues associated with the end hook such as a burr or other manufacturing defect which may be able to be corrected. The Lixer Tape Measure Calibration Tool is traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).  The Lixer allows for easy verification and adjustment of your tape measures accuracy whenever necessary. (see Recommendations)
  3. When a Lixer is purchased with a Certificate of NIST Traceability, it has a serial number by which to identify it. Annual recertification is recommended for ISO compliance.  We also keep a record of these NIST Certificates on file.


Recommended by:

Key Management Consulting (ISO 9001 & API Q1 certification)

"I am a consultant helping companies with ISO 9001 and API Q1 certification and I have recommended your product to multiple clients, who have all purchased from you...  The product works great for their applications and is easy to use.  Keep up the good work!"

 Billy Matthews,  Consultant,  Key Management Consulting

Protool Reviews

"Using the Lixer was very simple and we verified that our Starrett tape was accurate on only one side of the tape's end hook. Realizing this, we began checking all our other tapes and had some pretty big revelations as to why some of our cuts recently had left us more than a little long. Once you begin checking your tapes with the Lixer, it's difficult to stop until you run out of tapes. It's fun to use, and so simple you'll wonder why you hadn't done it earlier."

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Here at Knapheide Manufacturing we use the Lixer tool for calibration of our tape measures. The quick simple procedure takes seconds and assures we are covered for ISO certification standards. The tool is a quality piece and performs flawlessly time after time.

R. Garkie
The Knapheide Mfg. Co.

Accuracy is . . .

Accuracy is guaranteed not to exceed +/- .002 on any of the calibration lines of your Lixer or Super Lixer. A Certificate of NIST Traceability indicates +/- errors of these calibration lines so exactness can be targeted.

Accuracy is . . . Lixer Tools

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