Recertification Includes Certificate of Traceability to NIST.

To have your Lixer Tools recertified, please send them to:

  • Lixer Tools, LLC
  • 363 W. 300 N.
  • Lindon, UT 84042
  • USA
  • 801-796-7066


  • Please include:
  • Return to information
  • Ship to address
  • PO# or contact phone number if you would like us to contact you for payment by credit card
  •   Purchase orders will be net30
  • email address, phone number, and name of contact person
  • Return shipping method you prefer:
  • ground
  • 2nd Day
  • Next Day
  • UPS or FedEx account number if you want return shipping billed to your account
  • For UPS shipping on your account please provide the zip code associated with the UPS account


Cost for NIST Traceable Recertification (plus return shipping costs)

    • Typically ship back the day following receipt:
    • Super Lixer $32.00
    • Pass/Fail Lixer $32.00
    • LT or SG Lixer $27.00
    • RP Lixer $27.00


  • Return shipment time frame could be 7-10 days from receipt:
  • A-Class Lixer $62.00
  • Lixer Master $62.00
  • Lixer Master GB $78.00
  • Lixer Gage Block $78.00
  • Lixer Square $62.00

ISO Recertification is $100.00 per tool

Recommended time intervals for recertification of Lixer Tools

Calibration and Inspection Tools:

Frequency of Use            Daily Use                             Weekly Use

Wooden Tools                   1 year                                    1 year

A-Class                            1 year                                    1 year

Stainless Steel Tools         2 years                                   2 years

Squares                            1 year                                    1 year

Tape Measures:

Tape measures are easily damaged.  This makes a set time frame for recertification unreliable for accurate measuring.   Checking your tape measures with a Lixer Tape measure Calibration Tool will increase the likely hood of finding damaged tape measures.   It can also be assumed that if the End Hook has not been damaged then the rest of the tape measure will be in sync with the certificate of calibration provided with your tape measure.

Our recommendation would be to check your tape measures daily or weekly, or when ever critical measurements are made.  These checks should be recorded in a log such as the Tape Measure Inspection Log provided with your tape measure. This log could be provided to your auditor for "Best Practice" compliance. Tape measures that are damaged or worn should be replaced.  A one year cycle would be typical for this type of tool.

Frequency of Use            Daily Use                             Weekly Use

Tape Measures                 daily                                       weekly   

Replacement of Tape Measures that become worn or damaged is recommended over recertification

Cost for Recertification of Tape Measures is 75% of the listed price for the tape measure