Inspection Tools

Tape Measure Inspection Tools
Lixer Squares can be used to verify 90° and 45° angles and tape measures
Lixer Pass/Fail Inspection Tools verify tape measure accuracy
RP Lixer verifies tape measure accuracy

Pass/Fail Lixer Tape Measure Inspection Tool    Lixer Square with Tape Measure Inspection   Lixer RP Tape Measure Inspection Tool

                             Pass/Fail Lixer                                Lixer Square                                    RP Lixer


Inspection Tool Descriptions:

Pass/Fail Tape Measure Inspection Tool has 2 lines that are lasered +/-.030 from the center of 10 cm and 6". This gives you a range the tape measure must fall within to be acceptable. For more information visit the product page.

RP Lixer Inspection Tool has push and pull calibrations lines at 10 cm and 6"

The Lixer Square has been anodized to allow laser lines to be engraved for verifying tape measure accuracy.

Lixer Tools offers several of our tape measure calibration and inspection tools made from wood. The benefit of the wooden tools is that wood has a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion parallel to grain