Lixer Master

Lixer Master

The Lixer Master is made of 303 stainless steel and has a peened satin finish for easy reading. Food Grade, non-rust. The Lixer Master is cut using a wire EDM process for accuracy. The Lixer Master comes with NIST Traceable Certification and a custom fit padded storage box. Accuracy +/-.0005".

This tool will benefit our customers in several ways. Although similar in function to the original Lixer, the Lixer Master is designed for CMM certification. There are probably other tools which you have recertified by local calibration labs. The Lixer Master could potentially be recertified locally and will be easier to keep clean. The end hook adjustment slot will also benefit from this being a metal version.

All the tool marking on the stainless steel is done with a laser fused process.

We have added two parallel lines that run the length of the tool for easier alignment of the tape measure blade. This will aid in proper verification and calibration of your tape measures.

Lixer Master Tape Measure Calibration Tool

"I received my Lixer Master this morning and it sure is a nice piece of precision equipment."
T. Leab
Plasan North America
Metrologoy and Calibration Supervisor