Calibration Tools

Tape Measure Calibration Tools
Calibrate both the push and pull measurements of most tape measures
Designed to straighten most tape measure end hooks
Quick and easy verification of accuracy

Lixer A-Class Tape Measure Calibration Tool    Lixer SG Tape Measure Calibration Tool

                                                      Lixer A-Class                                                  SG Lixer

Multi-Instrument Calibration Tools 
Gage Blocks are used to calibrate tape measures, calipers, and micrometers
Super Lixers can be used to calibrate tape measures and levels

Lixer Gage Block Tape Measure Calibration Tool            Lixer Master Gage Block Multi-Tool Calibration Set       Super Lixer Tape Measure & Level Calibration Tool

                     Lixer Gage Block                          Lixer Master                                      Super Lixer
                                                                                Gage Block Set