Lixer Tools offers a variety of Tape Measure Calibration and Inspection Tools.

We also offer Certified Tape Measures and Squares. All Lixer Tools come with Certification traceable to NIST standards (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Lixer Tools can be used to verify the accuracy of both the push and pull measurements of standard and metric tape measures. The end hook adjustment slot on calibration tools is used for adjustment of the tape measure end hook to calibrate the tape measure. This is important if the tape measure has been dropped, as dropping could bend the end hook. Inspection tools do not have the end hook adjustment slot.

Certificates of Traceability to NIST are included with all Lixer Tools.

Lixer Calibration Tools

Super Lixer Tape Measure Calibration Tools with level vial and pencil sharpener - wooden tool

SG Lixer Tape Measure Calibration Tool - wooden tool

Lixer Gage Block Calibration of Tape Measures, Calipers, and Micrometers - stainless steel

Lixer A-Class Tape Measure Calibration Tool - annodized aluminum

Lixer Inspection Tools

Pass/Fail Lixer Tape Measure Inspection Tool -wooden tool

RP Lixer Tape Measure Inspection Tool - wooden tool

Certified Tape Measures and Squares

Standard Tape Measures with Certification

Metric Tape Measures with Certification

Squares with Certification