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Lixer Tools NIST Traceability

All Lixer Tools products come with a Certificate of Traceability.  Annual recerfitication is recommended for the wooden tools. Recertification of the Aluminum and Stainless Steel tools may vary depending on your inspectors requirements.   Copies of a sample certificates are shown below.

For ISO certification it must be understood that Accuracy is the degree of conformity of a measured or calculated quantity to its true value. Precision or repeatability is the degree to which a number of measurements or calculations show the same or similar results. The results of a measurement can be accurate but not precise, precise but not accurate; neither; or both. The measurement is valid if it is both accurate and precise. Therefore, we would recommend having the NIST traceability procedure performed on your Lixer. This will assure that any product acceptance or rejection is justified.

For ISO certification we recommend that your procedure include the following:

  • Tape measures should be checked for accuracy with a Lixer at the time of purchase
  • Tape measures should be checked for accuracy using a Lixer prior to any critical measuring
  • Tape measure accuracy be verified any time it has been dropped or subjected to abuse
  • Thermal expansion rates be applied in hot or cold environments
  • Calibrated tape measures be replaced if they are damaged or worn beyond the stated acceptable range of accuracy
  • Tape measures should be replaced on a regular interval. Tape measures are subject to stretching of the blade from opening and closing cycles. They also lose accuracy from any bends or twists in the blade.


It has been common for tape measures to be checked using a steel rule for lack of a better method. The Lixer checks both the push and the pull measurements over the entire surface of the end hook. A steel rule fails to identify the full loss of accuracy from a bent end hook.

Lixer GH Gage Block Sample Certificate

A-Class Sample Certificate


Lixer Square Sample Certificate

Information included on tape measure certificates will vary depending on tape measure model and length

Sample Certificate NIST Traceable Tape Measure

Sample ISO Certificate for Lixer Gage Block

Sample ISO Certificate for Lixer Gage Block

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