ISO Compliance

Tape Measure Calibration Program

Lixer Tools recommends the use of a tape measure calibration tool to verify the accuracy of your tape measures. Implement the use of Lixer's tape measure calibration tools as part of your ISO 9001:2015 Measurement Traceability plan.

Purchasing a certified tape measure is just one step in the process. Because the end hook of the tape measure can easily be damaged or affected by various issues, we recommend frequently checking your tape measures with one of Lixer Tools calibration or inspection tools.

Issues that may affect accuracy of a tape measure include a bent end hook, worn rivets, or glue not cleaned from the end hook. Any time a tape measure has been dropped, it should be checked to make sure the end hook is not bent. Our calibration tools will help identify problems and straighten a bent end hook.

Using a Lixer Tape Measure Calibration Tool you can easily check the tape measure for accuracy at 10 cm or 6". Our tools allow you to check both the push and pull measurements of the tape measure. This check at 10cm or 6" should be compared to information provided on your calibration tool and tape measure certificates. Lixer Tools' tape measure calibration procedure is shown on our Tape Measure Calibration Procedure page.

We also recommend you keep a log indicating when your tape measures were checked. A free .pdf log can be downloaded below by clicking on the image then clicking on "(sample)" or you can contact us at to get a .pdf file or an excel file of the log.

For additional information on checking your tape measures accuracy and calibrating your tape measure, visit our Calibration Procedure page. 

A printed copy of the Tape Measure Inspection Log and ISO Competency Training Sheet (for ISO 9001:2015 7.2,7.3 Competence Training) will be included with each order.  The Caliper / Micrometer Inspection Log will be included with orders for the Lixer Gage Block.